Grafton Food Emporium Christmas Competition

The Grafton Food Emporium

Terms & Conditions

1. Time Frame & Promoter

The Grafton Food Emporium’s Big Christmas Draw competition will be run on the dates, the 23rd of November of 2017 until the 22nd of December of 2017. On the 22nd December of 2017, the competition will cease to run and the winners will be drawn from a random single draw ballot.

The competition will be run by the Approved Agent, MonfiaConnect. 2. Entrants

The entrants must be of 18 years and older to participate. There is no restrictions on entrants on the basis of vocation, registered address, gender or race.

By Participating in the competition, entrants indicate that they consent to these terms and conditions hereto and give consent to the Grafton Food Emporium to contact the entrant to inform the entrant as to whether or not that entrant has won.

By Participating in the competition, the entrant gives full consent to the Grafton Food Emporium to: subscribe the entrant to the Grafton Food Emporium’s Email Marketing list and to retain the entrants contact details, along with all the rights and restrictions awarded to both the entrant and the Grafton Food Emporium under the Australian Spam Act of 2003.

3. Entries

To enter into the competition, entrants must spend a minimum of $10 within a participating store specified in this document and then fill out all the required fields on the competition entry form including Name, Phone Number and entrant’s Email address. The entry form will be made available at The Grafton Food Emporium located at 27 King St, Grafton NSW 2460 during the hours of operation. Upon competition of the entry form, the entrant must submit the entry form at the designated submission boxes located in the Grafton Food Emporium at 27 King St, Grafton NSW 2460 during the hours of business operation.

4. Cost & Expenses

Entrants will be responsible for any and all costs incurred in the process of either entering the competition, competing or collecting prizes. If the entrant should incur any costs during the process of the competition, that entrant will be liable to all those associated costs and the Grafton Food Emporium will not reimburse the entrant regardless of whether or not that entrant wins.

5. Intellectual Property

By participating in the aforementioned competition, entrants give the Grafton Food Emporium the express licence to use that entrant’s provided personal information for future promotions and advertisements in keeping with the entrants Intellectual Property rights according to the Grafton Food Emporium’s Intellectual Property Rights policy. By participating, the entrant

gives the Grafton Food Emporium permission to disseminate the provided entrants name, photos and testimonials provided by the entrant.

6. Disqualification

The Grafton Food Emporium reserves the right to disqualify any entrant throughout the duration of the competition or after the winners of the draw has been determined, for any reason that the Grafton Food Emporium deems justifiable. If at any stage the Grafton Food Emporium has reason to suspect that that entrant has infringed the Grafton Food Emporium’s intellectual property rights or has in any way breached the competition’s terms and conditions of participation, or that the entrant has acted in any way unlawfully or improperly during the participation of the competition, the Grafton Food Emporium reserves the right to disqualify that entrant.

7. Privacy

The Grafton Food Emporium will collect and store any entrants personal information for the purpose of future marketing purposes and the Grafton Food Emporium reserves the right to send entrants further marketing and promotional material by email which the entrant has the right to opt out of receiving that material at any time. The Grafton Food Emporium reserves the right to collect, disseminate and use provided information in keeping with the Privacy Act 1988.

8. Prizes

The competition will consist of a total of 3 individual prizes to be won. This will consist of prizes in the form of redeemable vouchers. The first prize will be a gift certificate to the value of $1500 for Helloworld Travel Services (Australia) Pty Limited to be redeemed at a Helloworld Travel agent according to Helloworld Travel Services (Australia) Pty Limited Terms and Conditions, the second and third prizes will consist of Coles Myer vouchers to the value of $300 and $200 respectively, redeemable at Coles Group Limited stores listed in their Terms and Conditions subject to Coles Group Limited’s Terms and Conditions.

Upon wining, entrants will be contacted by the contact details they provided when entering the competition.

After the winners have provided their preferred postal address, the vouchers will be sent out.

9. Participating Stores

Entrants will be able to enter the competition at any participating store within the Grafton Food Emporium including: Donuts & Diary, Smiles Cafe, Grafton Mall Butchery, Grafton Mall News, Henwood’s Hotbread Bakery, Causley Fresh, Big River Pizza, Discount Drug Store, National Hearing Care, BYO Cellars and Grafton Mall Barber. Entrants must spend a minimum of $10 in a participating store and then fill out a entry form.

10. Conclusion

This competition is to be run in good will on behalf of the competition agent MonfiaConnect, The Grafton Food Emporium and the entrant.

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